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A361 Road Closure Update

Written by on January 29, 2020

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A361 Road Closure Update

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Good evening all,

I am pleased to report that we have an update regarding proposed closure of A361 alongside Drayton reservoir.

Daventry District council officers met with the Micklewell Developers and highways yesterday at Northamptonshire County council offices.

The result of the meeting is looking good at the moment, in that they are looking at D.D.C.’s proposal to lay the services in the Northern Valley park (probably better known to locals as the fields by Lang Farm)  It is hoped to have an answer within 7 days (max 14 days) – Utilities companies – ie Gas, Electricity & Water companies are involved.  

I note, also, that Northants Highways tweeted earlier this evening to confirm that closure of the road is NOT going ahead on 3rd February to allow all parties involved to work on an alternative – for those of you who follow twitter they will be posting updates there.

Meanwhile – a HUGE “THANK YOU” to all the residents have supported the campaign thus far and signed the petition. If you haven’t already signed here is a link to the petition.


THANK YOU also to David James who has been proactive liaising with DDC officers and keeping me updated, to Ken Ritchie for also offering support.

Also many thanks to Daventry District Council, Daventry Express, DDC, BBC Radio Northampton and Daventry Radio for listening to Middlemore Residents and thus supporting us in our campaign to stop this closure.

Also if Melissa Symonds hadn’t noticed the notification on Braunston social media and Tamlyn hadn’t initially chased response from DDC this could have completely slipped under the radar – thanks both !!


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