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ADAM LANCELEY – ‘Almost Feel Freedom Today’

Written by on July 2, 2020

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ADAM LANCELEY – ‘Almost Feel Freedom Today’

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“Adam is truly inspiriational”

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With lockdown being eased around the world and the shining lights of pubs, restaurants and cinemas luring the masses to their doors, Adam Lanceley releases his new track, Almost Feel Freedom Today, a prophetic summer anthem guaranteed to get the punters tapping their feet as they wait in the queue. On an EP which marks the release of his 100th song, the track makes use of Dylan-esque vocals and acoustic guitar, the perfect backing for your new-found freedom!

ADAM’S AMAZING STORY: Adam was only ten years old when a car accident left him seriously injured sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs. Doctors advised him and his parents that he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk again…
Against all odds, Adam not only proved them wrong but has taken his remarkable recovery to the extreme; running marathons, climbing mountains and having built a career as a singer-songwriter, Adam is now also a successful singer songwriter!

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