Apps and Smart Speakers - Rugby and Daventry Radio Station, Midlands UK            

Apps and Smart Speakers

Please click on the App you require to be taken to the relevant App Store.

All of our Apps are FREE to download and are Advert Free. Please note that the Google/Android App permissions are quite broad and will ask for access to your storage, this is just to allow space to store the app on your phone and should not be a concern.


Or Enable either the Rugby Radio, Daventry Radio or Towcester Radio FREE Alexa Skill!

Many community radio stations are not included within Alexa’s native list of available stations, so you need to download and enable EITHER the Daventry Radio Skill the Rugby Radio Skill  or the Towcester Radio Skill as follows (Example is for Daventry Radio).



5) Once enabled, you then just need to ask Alexa to ‘Play Daventry Radio’.

Click Image for Google Nest Action


 Welcome to the Rugby And Daventry Radio Player. Click on the play button (Triangle) to listen to Rugby And Daventry Radio