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Calling all stitchers!

Written by on May 19, 2021

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Calling all stitchers!

 Heart of The Stitch

Daventry & Rugby Area Embroidery Group


Launch of Summer Programme 

The Summer programme is based on a series of inspirational monthly projects. These are innovative, experimental and will appeal to all who love to stitch.  ‘Gathering Knots in May’ is a demonstration of manipulation and embellishing material, ‘Create a Collage’, is a kit that combines paper, paint, stitch and recycled materials, ‘Wish you were here’ – create a postcard using any materials and stitch and ‘Only a Rose’ is a novel printing technique.

Well known artists from around the UK have devised and contributed to these designs suitable for both beginners and experienced stitchers of all ages. Materials, kits and full instructions are presented to members at monthly meetings. These feature workshops, demonstrations and speakers which have resumed at great local venues. 

The friendly Heart of the Stitch group exhibit locally.  Embroiderers from Daventry, Rugby and surrounding areas are welcome to share with us a modern approach to innovative, experimental, traditional stitching and textile art techniques.  

2021 Summer Programme

This programme is based on a series of inspirational monthly projects and ideas. These are innovative, experimental and will appeal to all who love to stitch and appreciate mixed media art. Members meet up at great local venues and each month materials, kits or instructions are presented by textile and embroidery artists. Costs are minimal and often free of charge. We extend a warm welcome and to join us please contact Janet Gosling, or for more information about the group

Wednesday 19 May

Gathering Knots in May

A demonstration of stitch techniques on the theme of ‘Gathering Knots’ will be the highlight this month of this decorative project. Featuring hand stitching and manipulation of material embellished with beads and French knots.

Wednesday 16 June

Create a Collage Card

Taking inspiration from mixed media artist, Jessica Kinnersley, we will encourageyoutoextendyourmixedmediacreativeskillsusing paper,paint, stitch and recycled materials. Members will receive materials, instructions and a link to artist site and tutorial.

Tote Bag Challenge – well-known textile artist, Amanda Hartland, has been invited to meet us to judge, presenta prize to the winner and show her work.

Wednesday 21 July

Wish you were here …. or there
This month we will create a postcard using any materials and stitch to illustrate where you have been or plan to go … now we can! Hints and ideas provided.

Only a Rose

Novel printing technique of a rose and stitching demonstration, plus opportunity to have a go, materials supplied.


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