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Can you help Salem?

Written by on July 12, 2019

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Can you help Salem?

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Appeal by Kyle Oliver.

Can you help Salem?

Salem is Erin, my mother in law’s cat, she rescued him as a kitten.

No one wanted him due to a minor deformity on his front leg which means he swings it out when walking.

Since then he has become a local celebrity due to the fact he walks around the town letting himself into numerous shops.

Many know him by name and are happy to see him. He has been known to follow Erin around town and into shops while out.

He is often found exploring the inside of Argos or taking a nap on a bed in the pet shop! Erin works two jobs to get by and is not in a position to pay such a hefty bill.

can you help salem On Daventry Radio dbcfbefe
can you help salem On Daventry Radio dbcfbefe

Salem needs your help, please even if it’s just a few quid, please give what you can. I want to see this little guy in town again soon.

Thank you all for taking the time to look.

Link to GoFundMe page.

can you help salem On Daventry Radio dbcfbefe
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