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If the previous week’s attempts at keeping up my fitness momentum were hit by a bout of lethargy then this past week has certainly made up for things.

Of the 10 weeks completed so far, this last week has been probably the most challenging.

Now I know how it must feel to be a cyclist on the Tour de France or Tour of Britain, albeit in a very small way.

This week’s review of the week is actually a look back at the last fortnight. It’s been a bit busy, but not too busy for visits to the QDJC gym.

FEATURE SERIES: Reaching halfway – Better Health and Fitness with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre Rugby

There is nothing like a few words of motivation to keep you going in anything you are doing or trying to achieve and I have had some interesting ones this week.

Another week down and now I am effectively a third of the way through this 12 week fitness campaign.

Week 3 and it has been another productive few days and sessions at the QDJC.

After last week’s induction, this week has been all about making a steady start. And remembering how to use some of the equipment.

Continuing our focus theme on ‘New Year, New Me’, here’s the second installment of a feature series with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby with our Sports Correspondent being put firmly through his paces.

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