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The Companies Act 2006 Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee _____________________________________________________________ Articles of Association[1] of [     INSERT NAME   ] [Community Interest Company/C.I.C. delete as applicable] _______________________________________________________________ (CIC Limited by Guarantee, Schedule 1, Large Membership) The Companies Act 2006 Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee INDEX TO THE ARTICLES INTERPRETATION.. 1 1.      Defined Terms. 1 COMMUNITY AND […]

Member and Volunteer Agreement. Rugby And Daventry RADio Volunteers Agreement (Volunteers Charter). As with any group or club, community radio stations must have a set of standards to work within. These are in place to promote, consistency, professionalism and to ensure the Station and its members remain compliant within the relevant legislation, broadcasting rules and […]

It is my utmost belief that any kind of membership fee should not be a barrier to participating in our station, as such we offer varying tiers of membership.   Members Under 18   Administration only volunteers. Members Over 18 Honorary Adult Life Member Minimum Commitment 1 Hour Weekly 1 Hour Weekly 2 Hours Weekly […]

Station Formatting Policy. Approx. Play Time: *+/- 3 Mins. FORMAT 1 Weekdays 00:00 to 18:00 Weekends 00:00 to 16:00 FORMAT 2 Weekdays 18:00 to 00:00 Weekends 16:00 to 00:00 00:00:00 News Into & Bed Yes Yes 00:00:12 60 Second National News Yes Yes 00:01:30 60 Second Local News Yes Yes 00:02:30 Local Weather Yes Yes […]

Licensing Agreement This document outlines the devolved responsibilities and limitations in respect of the management and operation of Rugby and Daventry RADio by the Rugby And Daventry Community RADio Association for an indefinite period. Devolution of responsibilities. This license allows for a high-level of autonomy with regards to the management and operation of Rugby And […]

Volunteers Communication Policy Volunteers are the heart of your organization. Are you spending as much time communicating with them as you should be? Unfortunately, many organizations fail to communicate effectively with their volunteers for a variety of reasons. For example, they may not provide enough time and space for one-on-one interactions or they do not […]

Rugby and Daventry RADio is managed and operated under license by the Rugby And Daventry Community RADio Association from Mr. Wayne Davies for the nominal fee of £1 per calendar month. Rugby And Daventry RADio Association (the Organisation) is a private Organisation and the Organisation is not for profit. Equal Opportunities: – the Organisation will not discriminate on […]

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR RADIO ADVERTISING  These terms set out the terms on which RADio has agreed to deliver, and (if applicable) create material for, the Buyer’s advertising Campaign which is detailed in the Order Confirmation.  1. INTERPRETATION  In these terms: 1.1. ‘Advertisement’ means a Digital Advertisement, Radio Advertisement and/or Audio-Visual Advertisement which collectively form the Campaign;  1.2. ‘Advertiser’ means the company […]

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