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Charity Walkers Pass Through Daventry

Written by on July 14, 2021

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Charity Walkers Pass Through Daventry

Keir and Ezra are two ordinary London lads trying to do an extraordinary  thing – they want to raise the last million pounds for a 10million pound project for youth homelessness.

Now they are walking …



Friends since childhood the two grew up in Deptford, Keir worries about his feet while Ezra talks about the homeless charity he’s been working with since Covid began. “It’s definitely growing worse” he claims. “In London there has been an 80% increase in 16–25-year-olds sleeping on the streets since March 2020*. The Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN)

Keir claims that when Ezra first suggested walking to Wales he was dismissive, but then his beloved Uncle Bob passed away and he thought it would be a fitting tribute to a great man who has been an inspiration to him all his life. Of the 229 people found sleeping rough in Lewisham in 2020, 89 (39%) were under the age of 35.  “The Ragged Project will create studio apartments for 33 young people aged 18-35 – that’s a third of  those in acute housing need in our area.”

“Yeah, I’m worried about my feet” admits Keir, ‘but I reckon it’ll be a laugh.  We’ll see who puts us up along the way or if we end up sleeping rough.”

He pauses and looks at Ezra,

“I’m bringing a tent”

They laugh. 

Local people came along to The Shaftesbury Centre in Deptford to see the boys off on Monday morning after the England match. When asked why he was walking to Wales Ezra put his head in his hands, joking, “I need to be alone right now…the pain.”  

But now on the second day of their walk Ezra really is in pain, “my feet are blister upon blister, we didn’t make it to our destination until 10.30pm last night.” 

Luckily the lads have some offers of beds for  the night en route.  “It makes you realise how hard it is to keep going when you’ve nowhere to sleep”

“We used to help out at an evening service for the homeless when we were teenagers and I guess while we were having fun serving soup and playing music we didn’t really realise what it’s like to be outside all day long and be unsure of where you’re going to stay each night.”

The lads plan to complete their walk from London to Llyn from 12th – 26th July stopping only for a one day break in Birmingham. 

“The whole desire is to look at the fact that it’s so hard to find anywhere in London to live,” says Richard Bell a construction engineer who’s been working on the development of The Ragged Project, “it’s really, really important that we focus on the younger generation. So for these two guys to join us is great, we’ve got over nine hundred thousand pounds left to raise and for them to choose to go for a long walk is wonderful and I want to support them.” 

Local resident Brigitte added, “I applaud them, we are so blessed that young people feel involved, they take ownership about this and of course we need to be behind them.”

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Ezra and Keir’s Incredible Journey to support The Ragged Project is under way. Support them at or put on your walking shoes and join them for your local leg of the journey!

THE RAGGED PROJECT: Construction of a creative community living space, providing 33 social-rent apartments for young people in severe housing need, and interactive spaces to support The Deptford Ragged Trust deliver community development initiatives.

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