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Daventry Area Ramps Up Local Covid-19 Contingency Plans

Written by on March 15, 2020

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Daventry Area Ramps Up Local Covid-19 Contingency Plans

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Plans which aim to address some of the issues associated with the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) are being discussed in and around Daventry this week. We spoke with Daventry District Councillor David Smith who has been working with fellow Councillor Johnnie Amos to see what more can be done at local level.

As local residents and District Councillors we are concerned that people who have self-isolated, or have become too ill to leave their homes, may run out of essential supplies with no way of getting help. We know that lots of people are showing similar concerns and there’s a genuine desire to help and offer support

Cllr Smith, Daventry District Council

Cllrs Amos had originally contacted all the local Parish Councils to see what could be done with community effort and since then one Parish Council has decided to offer its residents window signs in bright red and yellow colours which can be used to attract attention should they need assistance or call for help.

Cllr Smith told us that Weedon Bec is looking at ways in which a ‘buddy’ system could work so that villagers could look out for elderly and vulnerable residents. This would include offering to do shopping runs for essential supplies and regular medications, or to help in other ways which would not involve contact with those who are either sick or opting to take precautions.

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Other residents have taken to facebook as individuals, with offers of help and many have given their details to neighbours with contact cards or notes to elderly residents. If successful, it’s believed that such systems could have wider benefits such as use in times of severe weather, where people become isolated due to snow or flood conditions – or just a way of being good neighbours and looking out for those who may need a little extra assistance from time to time.

Over the past few days social media has been showing a number of groups and individuals who are offering their support and help to those around them and parishes are being urged to finalise more robust plans over the coming days. 

Interviews and research by Daventry Radio has shown that there appear to be many potential volunteers who are prepared to keep an eye out for more vulnerable and less mobile residents.  Even if these measures aren’t required, it’s hoped that they will bring greater confidence and reassurance to all during this uncertain period.

Anyone interested in helping with a local scheme is asked to email DDC Councilors David Smith at Dsmith1@daventrydc.gov.uk or Johnnie Amos at JAmos@daventrydc.gov.uk .

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