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Daventry District magician wows Europe

Written by on July 24, 2019

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Daventry District magician wows Europe

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A magican that hails from the Daventry District is taking his tricks global this summer as he tours around europe.

Sean Heydon, who grew up in Naseby, has so far travelled to Santorini and Amsterdam with further trips to Valencia, Malta and Lisbon planned.

Sean explained to us that each trip was for a particular gig but he took the oppotortunity to make the most of his time by entertaining the locals with new tricks that he created locally inspired by whatever was around him such as a bucket on the beach in Santorini or Cigarettes in Amsterdam.

“It’s all about challenging yourself to do new tricks that fit the environment.” – Sean Heydon, Magician.

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Whilst on tour, Eurotrix was born…

Whilst being interviewed Sean told us how he decided to record himself entertaining the crowds, mostly for his existing fanbase on social media but also to develop a project that he has titled ‘Eurotrix’.

After the first few videos were published online, Sean was approached by a ‘large production company’ to develop the idea into a series of TV programmes. However Sean was very quick to add that he couldnt name the production company just yet!

“We already had that audience so I thought it would be nice for them to see what magicians do and get insight into our world,” – Sean Heydon, Magician.

Every Magician needs a beautiful Assistant…

Sean wasn’t on his own for his travels, he is being accompanied by his girlfriend Merlinda Williams whom he adds ‘looks after the business side of things’ such as finding gigs and the logistical planning for the tour. In addition to this Melinda is recording and editing the videos.

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