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Daventry Jam @ The Peppermill

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Daventry Jam @ The Peppermill

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Every first Tuesday of every month, a good bunch of friends get together and just… jam. They are a sort of band but also not. Some of them have their own projects or are part of other bands but they just like getting together every month to have a pint and jam. And you’re invited too.

Oh, they do this in a pub called the Peppermill in Daventry.

If you play, great! The back line is all set up and you can literally just turn up with your instrument and plug in after speaking with one of the guys running the show.

It’s a very easy going and relaxed atmosphere and nobody judged anyone for their individual experience or talent levels and I liked that a lot.

It reminded me of a music workshop or forum where musicians can get together and just talk about the industry, experiences, get advice from some of the older (sorry, ‘experienced’) participants but mostly just… jam.

I over thought the idea a bit when I got talking with the organisers but as soon as they sat to chat, it was made abundantly clear that the whole set up is an organic and social thing built to give budding musicians and aspiring performers a place to ‘test the waters’ and then kick back.

A lot of interest is shown towards those musicians who perhaps don’t know any other musicians and can’t form a band or just want to feel what it is like with a full line up.

The organisers are bassists, drummers, keyboardists and guitarists and skilled in each other’s instruments so can easily cover for absences or if someone turns up just to sing a few songs with them, microphone, music stand, amp provided if necessary.

I had a chance to chat with four of the guys about the (incredibly sincere) motivations behind the night and one of the performers; Katie (both interviews available here) who had come from Banbury to take part singing her own stripped down acoustic versions of popular songs but also jamming with the band who provided bass and drums as and when she felt like it. She told me that she was made to feel at home straight away and performed two expertly played and angelically sung sets, including a stripped-down Ed Sheeran cover that might have been how Katie Melua or Joni Mitchel might have sung it if they had released it.

The event is all about the guests and the guys are so modest and helpful that the musicians feel at ease from the moment they grab a beer/orange and take a seat, flight cases at their feet.

As I was leaving, a vocalist took to the mic with her own backing tracks and was belting out some power ballads. A young guy in a baseball cap plugged in, tuned up, and then belted out The Ace of Spades pushing the provided PA to the limit.

As I was interviewing Katie, a group plugged in (including a full-sized double bass) and oozed out some perfectly played smooth jazz.

Eclectic? And then some… but that’s the idea – to turn up and just Jam.

Head on over to the gallery for pics and the podcasts for interviews!

Daventry Jam is held the first Tuesday of every month at the Peppermill in Daventry.

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