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Daventry Police Assemblies on Knife Crime

Written by on March 13, 2019

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Daventry Police Assemblies on Knife Crime

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Daventry Police have been delivering a number of assemblies to schools in the area to highlight the effects of Knife Crime.

Speaking on Twitter, Sgt. Sam Dobbs said; ‘We delivered graphic homegrown presentation to 400 Daventry students yesterday on national, county, & district/local effects of knife crime’.

The reception that the presentations received by the students were said to be ‘Impeccable’ with the audience being totally engaged as ‘[You] Could’ve heard a pin drop’.

Topics covered included why young people carry knives: with image, retribution and peer pressure thought to be the main reasons.

It is hoped that the assemblies will appeal to students to ‘influence current knife epidemic at their level by making good choices which hopefully we inform’ Sgt.Dobbs added.

The assemblies coincide with a Local and National Police Operation (Sceptre) to highlight and reduce Knife Crime in the UK. Figures show that in Five Years there’s been a 56% increase in the amount of youngsters treated for knife injuries with the victims getting younger, the injuries more serious with incidents involving a greater number of girls.

For more information on the assembles, please contact Sgt Dobbs C/O Daventry Police Station.

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