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Daventry Unemployed Helped by FB Group

Written by on March 25, 2019

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Daventry Unemployed Helped by FB Group

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Four years ago, Diane Shaw (51) was struck down with a number of serious illnesses. One of them was a serious tumour in her leg which meant that she could no longer work. 

Qualified as a lecturer and early-years teacher, Diane had worked in education and learning for over 20 years but was suddenly forced to answer her own question, “What am I going to do now?”. The answer came when she decided that she would devote her time to helping others in the community to look for work.  

Looking for a starting point, she turned to Facebook and found local jobless users who were using social media on a daily basis who she would try to help. Soon the ‘Northants Job Site’ Facebook group was up and running. Diane says, “Now, 4 years on, we have over 2,500 members and companies that add vacancies weekly. We have the highest success rate in any local jobsite in the area.” And, with the jobs market being sometimes hard to pin down with geographic job locations, Diane says, “Keeping it local helps our community find work and also keeps the site friendly and we all help one another in the group”.

However, working from home in Litchborough, Diane is currently struggling with some outdated and unreliable technology and her goal at the moment is to raise enough money to buy a new laptop to replace her current one which is, “Old and not working right.” 

If you would like to donate to the cause and help raise £400 towards this goal you can go on https://tinyurl.com/northantsjobssite. Daine’s motto is “Never give up hope” and she says, “There is always a job out there for you, join Northants jobsite and see if we can help you today.”

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