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Dinosaur Escape on Monksmoor!

Written by on April 23, 2020

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Dinosaur Escape on Monksmoor!

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Reports are coming in of two escaped dinosaurs roaming the Monksmoor Estate in Daventry.

This picture was taken by a vigilant listener on the Monksmoor Estate in Daventry and shows what appears to be one of two escaped dinosaurs! Kids on the estate are being asked to keep a safe distance but to take pictures and videos if they spot them!

Dinosaur hunter Tristan Dawson (who was considering wearing Dinosaur costume to lure them out) said that the dinosaurs “love pictures of other dinosaurs” and that if the kids of the estate put pictures of them in their windows, they may attract the creatures and if so, to take a picture.

Darren James spoke with Tristan on the phone about the two lost lizards to get more information.

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