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Distraction Theft, Daventry

Written by on June 4, 2019

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- Daventry Area Crime -
Distraction Theft, Daventry

Daventry Area Crime -

A male has entered the a business in Daventry Town centre and stole a mobile phone (using the same distraction method as reported by Daventry Radio a couple of weeks ago) this time targetting Job Agency.

An employee of the Job Agency commented on Social Media saying;

“Be on your guard if you work in Daventry Town Centre. A guy (Eastern European accent) has just used threatening behaviour to walk straight passed reception and stole a mobile phone from a colleagues desk”

“He distracted us be demanding we write down our postcode on his newspaper, which he uses to cover up the fact he has just stolen your phone/purse”

“This happened at 1620 today and he attempted to do the same at a premises next door on New Street. Police are aware, and they have advised this isn’t the first call they have received today. Please be on your guard” 

Within a very short time Sgt Sam Dobbs made the following comment via Twitter;

Tweet by Sgt Sam Dobbs; Just happened Daventry Town business premises New St. Tanned mid 20s very thin man, 5ft 7ins with earring wearing black coat distracts staff & steals mobile phone. CCTV on case. Businesses beware – similar MO in town two weeks ago. Incident 388. Pls call us if seen or visits you’

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