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Donate to your Community Radio Station

Written by on May 11, 2020

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Donate to your Community Radio Station

Announcements -

The Corona Pandemic has affected us all in one form or another, including your local community radio station, Rugby And Daventry RADio.

As you will likely know, we are ran entirely by volunteers and to date have enjoyed sponsorship from local companies.

However with the lock down in place some of those companies have rightly asked for payment holidays or have not renewed their sponsorship due to the uncertainty of the present situation.

We have taken steps to reduce our running costs by merging our three local projects (that were all successful in their own right) into one bumper station that offers live narrow-casting everyday.

But to continue to do this and to grow, we need financial help to help bridge the gap and this is where we launch our appeal, to help us navigate at least another month or two of uncertainty, we would like to ask the public at large for any donations towards out costs.

Below is an online form should you wish to consider a one-off donation via PayPal. We thank you in advance for thinking of us.

It’s not just us, please consider all local groups and businesses, you can still support them through sharing their social media posts and using them where they have adapted to the current situation.

Thank You Rugby And Daventry RADio.

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