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Don’t get banged up on Bonfire Night! Have a safe, fun and legal November

Written by on October 22, 2021

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Don’t get banged up on Bonfire Night! Have a safe, fun and legal November

West Northamptonshire Council’s trading standards team is urging people to exercise caution when buying and using fireworks for Bonfire Night or Diwali celebrations. The tempting offer of cheap fireworks with impressive sound and visual displays from market stalls, vans or social media sites can be hard to resist, but this can be an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

All fireworks sold in the UK must carry the CE or UKCA mark and come with English labelling and instructions – those which lack this won’t have been put through the same rigorous testing as genuine fireworks and could pose a serious risk to public safety. In 2019 999 calls to the fire brigade went up by as much as 50% on bonfire night in some areas, and we don’t want the same thing to happen in our local area this year.

Councillor David Smith, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Engagement on West Northampton Council warns community members thatEven legitimate fireworks can be dangerous if not used in the correct way, so the dangers posed by fake fireworks are significant. Always read the instructions – and remember that if they’re not clear or not in English, the firework may be illegal

Everyone is encouraged to report any products suspected to be illegal and any illegal sellers to Trading Standards by contacting citizens’ Advice and Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133

The safest (and often most fun) way to enjoy fireworks is to go to a professional public display, and there are plenty of those in the Northamptonshire and Rugby area this year; Councillor Smith says, There are lots of fantastic professional displays taking place across West Northamptonshire which I would encourage you to support and enjoy the upcoming festivities responsibly. In Rugby there will be a firework display and bonfire on the 5th of November at Old Laurentians RFC, as well as many others across town between the 2nd and 5th, but unfortunately the popular display at Whinfield Park, organised by Rugby Round Table, will not be going ahead due to rising costs and Covid-19 uncertainties. Elsewhere, however, incredible spectacles are being organised; the ‘Fireworks Frenzy Drive-In’ at Santa Pod Raceway in Podington, Northamptonshire is designed to blow the whole family away.

The fireworks display at Santa Pod will be one of the biggest yet

Here are some top tips on firework safety from Lisa Bryan, Prevention Manager at Northampton Fire & Rescue Service:

  • It’s always safest to attend official firework displays
  • Buy only from licensed sellers, in-person or online, and avoid buying from social media
  • Always store fireworks away from heat sources
  • Follow the instructions carefully and always read them in the daytime, or by a torchlight, not by the light of an open flame
  • When lighting a firework, use a taper and keep it at arm’s length
  • Never go back to a lit firework even if it appears not to have gone off
  • Collect fireworks after a display with care, dousing them with water even if they appear to have gone out, and disposing of them in a metal container
  • Finally, make sure children are a safe distance away from the display at all times and be mindful of pets, as fireworks can be unsettling to them




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