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Doorstep Scam Warnings

Written by on April 18, 2020

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Doorstep Scam Warnings

Daventry Area Crime -

Warwickshire Police are urging the public to remain vigilant against door-step scams as criminals exploit the CoVID-19 lockdown and prey on vulnerable members of the community.

Door-step scams are when people turn up at peoples’ homes offering goods or services in exchange for money, but don’t actually fulfil their promise in providing the items or services offered, or give items that are poor quality or value for money.

Examples of door-step scams can include: .
•criminals offering to do shopping or collecting prescriptions for people, taking the money and then not returning
•cleaning services with the promise of killing bacteria to stop the spread of coronavirus
•Coronavirus testing kits – only the NHS offers these
•Vaccinations or coronavirus cures – at present, there isn’t a vaccine or cure for CoVID-19
•Fake and overpriced antibacterial products aimed at protecting yourself from coronavirus

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