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Election Special: Interview With Green Party Candidate Clare Slater

Written by on December 6, 2019

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Election Special: Interview With Green Party Candidate Clare Slater

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The Green Party candidate Clare Slater came in to talk to Daventry Radio this week to complete our lineup of interviews with a candidate from each party on our ballot paper. 

Clare is a sustainability campaigner in her spare time, and a medical writer by profession. We asked her about her recent foray into the world of politics and what she and the Green Party have to offer for the voters in the Daventry area.

Although she wasn’t able to answer all of the questions, she gave it a pretty good try and we hope you’ll listen to her – and all of our interviews – in order to make your decision about who you should vote for. 

The interview will be uploaded on Sunday evening but here’s a flavor for some of the questions we put to Clare. 

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what do you do for a living and how you came into politics.
  • You have only 10 financial contributors to Crowdfunding a sum of £295 – How difficult is it to campaign as the fourth candidate? 
  • You would need a lot of votes to win in Daventry – where will they come from? Is a vote for the Greens not just a protest vote? 
  • How are you trying to enthuse potential voters that can’t be bothered anymore? 
  • If there was a hung parliament and each of the three main parties came to you – to form a coalition – which one do you think they should go for and why would that be? 
  • What about local issues? What local ‘needs’ do you see at the top of the priority list at the moment? 
  • How happy are you with the green integrity of Daventry District Council? Will our recycling end up in a Chinese landfill?
  • Greens say that we would be better off in the EU. What’s your personal opinion – Do you think the British public were wrong to vote to leave the EU? 

Manifesto questions: 

  • Greens say they will change how the banks work. You want them to lend money to companies that are helping to stop climate change. How will that actually work? How can you enforce it?
  • Basic Income: The Green Party say they would give a Basic Income to everyone instead of benefits. People would not have to apply for it, or fill in any forms; they would just get it. What motivation to work – or even leave the house would there be? 
  • Electoral reform: You say you want to let people vote to say who should be in the House of Lords and  you want young people to be able to vote in elections – why? 
  • You are pledging to give the NHS a lot more money – how much? Where does the money come from? 
  • Tackling Crime: You say you want to find ways to stop crime happening and stop people reoffending – give us some examples of how you’d make that work? 
  • The Green Party want to make it lawful to buy and use certain drugs. Is this just a ploy to get younger voters on your side? 

Green Issues

  • Where are we going to get enough electricity to meet your Green initiatives?
  • You say you want to make our homes and buildings warmer and that we should all be driving electric cars with electric public transport…
  • You say this will come from the wind, sun and waves – will that be enough? The car indusrtry say it isn’t.
  • What about nuclear power? 
  • You say you’d give local Councils Like Daventry the power to get on with this work BUT wouldn’t you be handing a poisoned chalice to them to solve all of the problems that would need addressing? How would they cope? 

Desert Island Disk questions:

  • Favourite books – non-fiction and fiction.
  • Favourite film
  • Most recent cinema/theatre visit? Delapre Abbey?
  • Favourite place to eat out?
  • Favourite bands/music/genre?
  • Favourite holiday destination(s) – domestic & abroad
  • Politicians – living or dead that you’d most like to have dinner with?

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