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Exploring Daventry

Written by on May 4, 2020

Batman Arc Cinema

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Exploring Daventry

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WOW. I have just came across more fantastic places in Daventry.

We are so blessed with all the nature that surrounds us here in Daventry.

Since the lockdown I have been using my daily exercise to explore different places in Daventry and I can honesty say, that if we had never had this lockdownIi would never have these experiences because I always use my car.

I have downloaded an app called Picture This which is amazing too, and it tells me what all the different plants are on my walks. So many natural herbs everywhere.

I have become so connected with nature and I wanted to share my experiences with everyone.

Our physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social skills can all be helped by walking, running & climbing, and its free and right here in Daventry.

We would very much enjoy to hear your great experiences you have had during this Lockdown.

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