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FEATURE SERIES: Gearing up for that bike class – Better Health and Fitness with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre Rugby

Written by on March 14, 2022

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FEATURE SERIES: Gearing up for that bike class – Better Health and Fitness with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre Rugby

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This week’s review of the week is actually a look back at the last fortnight. It’s been a bit busy, but not too busy for visits to the QDJC gym.

With a larger than normal workload sprung upon me (not that I’m complaining), fitting in sessions in the last two weeks has been a challenge but has been successfully negotiated. Such is the life of a working for myself, I can work different things around to suit me and the demands on my time (or as has been the case this week, client and editorial deadlines)

So the session count; three sessions in both weeks with most of those extended beyond the normal 60 minute mark I give myself (more on why in a moment). Couple those with a few swimming sessions in QDJC’s pool (in two cases, following on after the gym), and the programme is ticking along nicely.

Plus on my ‘days off’ from the QDJC I have had swims at my regular venue round the corner.

And there has also been the return to 5-a-side football yesterday. It was the first time back playing since June last year with the group of gents I have had the company of a kickabout with for a few years now.  It’s been good to be back amongst them for what will now be a monthly runabout, even if the early Sunday mornings (of an 8:45 am start) are initially a struggle.

The upshot is from all this activity is that I have lost a couple more pounds and feel as if I have lost and/or tighten a bit on my midriff and top half

But there’s still work to do. And certain things to accomplish.

The group bike class being my main one, hence my sessions in the last fortnight have seen a gradual addition of more work on the static bikes to decent effect., on top of the normal usual routine and programme. I’ve weighed up just what I’m setting myself up for and it doesn’t look that bad. It’s just what it will feel like.


Next up, it’s case of deciding on a date and more so a time for the class. So my options, choose between 6:45 or 7:00 pm at night weekdays, or a more sensible 9:45 am on a Sunday.   Given I have just about concluded that I am not an early morning exerciser, the latter of mid-morning is looking favourite at this stage.

Reading the wall not hitting it

As ever I’ve been casting my beady eye around the QDJC in the last fortnight. I have mentioned before how regularly the Centre is with a small army of cleaners and staff milling around with brushes, mops, dusters and buckets. And it appears the arrival of March has signalled a spring clean with some of the staff scaling up scaffolding and dusting down the light fittings, and nooks and crannies. That was really a prelude to some striking new wall displays dotted around the gym. See the gallery below.

And that is in addition to the other little bits you see around; the monthly Muscle of the Month and Fitness Tips of the Month are neat touches and quite useful.

Onto week no. 9

Pure and simple, the next week is all about keeping the momentum going. The first session this week will be interesting given the after-effects of yesterday’s football, but it’s all in a good cause.

And you never know, this time next week we might even be talking about a day and time for that group bike class.

To find out more about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby, the activities they offer and memberships available, and to take advantage of a free swim or gym session, click below.

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