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Focus on Local… Suburban Studio

Written by on April 6, 2020

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Focus on Local… Suburban Studio

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As you know, here at Daventry Radio we love highlighting Local Talent in any form. So when our Not So Normal Urban Show host, Ash Shields, brought to our attention one of his friends; local artist, Adam Cook, we were so impressed with his work that we forced Ash out of his studio comfort zone to bombard Adam with lots of questions about his business and how he got there.

Ash had commissioned a portrait of Delboy from the artist (still sitting in Adam’s studio thanks to the Corona Virus pandemic) and took the opportunity to get a few questions in so all you Daventry Radio Listeners can get to know the Artist better!

Ash – “Thanks for chatting Adam. Why painting? And what was it that got you started?”

Adam – “My girlfriend was playing around with some acrylic paint on canvass one day which sparked the initial interest. I had never used acrylics prior to December 2019, but after playing round on some pads I enjoyed working with the media and the way it moves around on the canvass.

focus-on-local-suburban-studio-Daventry-Radio-Photo Ref-adamcook

“I saw Instagram artists travelling the world sharing and selling their art, I wanted the same. My long-term goal is to do this full time.”

Ash – “Is there any specific field that you enjoy or prefer working in? such as Sportspersons, Actors, Musicians?”

Adam – “I enjoy painting iconic people and iconic scenes. I was big into my graffiti art as a youth; I like to think people can still easily see my root style but with an adult ‘twist’ in my new work. I also enjoy using bright bold colours.”

Ash – “That makes a lot of sense as I remember you graffing back at school.”

Adam – “I remember last day of school, I graffed everyone’s school shirts. My arm was dead by the end!”

Ash – “I wouldn’t know mate, I was probably skiving somewhere! I definitely didn’t get a graffed up school shirt; they might be worth a fortune one day if anybody still has theirs!

“Not that I want to bring any competition to your door, but is there any advice you want to give young artists that want to start their own venture in the art game?”

Adam – “Find a media you enjoy working with and never stop experimenting with new ideas.

“Anything is classed as art nowadays so you can’t go wrong.”

Ash – “Thanks for your time, Adam and I look forward to getting my Delboy on the studio wall as soon as we’re able!

“If you were only allowed to listen to one track before music was banned, what would you want that final song to be?”

Adam – “James Brown’s “The Boss”, definitely!”

Ash – “Solid choice! It will get played on the show this week.”

focus-on-local-suburban-studio-Daventry-Radio-Photo Ref-suburbanstudio

We urge you to follow Adam’s Instagram, @Suburban_ _studio” which is full of his acrylic artwork and shows Adam’s unique style – bold colours, contrasts, pop-art with a touch of Banksy.   

See some of his work in the gallery below…

focus-on-local-suburban-studio-Daventry-Radio-Photo Ref-focus
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