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Focus on – Long Buckby AFC Ladies!

Written by on March 1, 2020

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Focus on – Long Buckby AFC Ladies!

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Early last week, DR sent Darren James to the Peppermill to chat with the manager, co-manager and senior player of Long Buckby Ladies football team about their origins, present goals and future aspirations.

Darren chats with Phil, Scott and Beth of LBAFC Ladies
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The LBL!

There was an interesting talk about the social side of the team and how they welcome players of all experience and fitness levels; even if they haven’t kicked a ball in your life!

Team Manager Phil said, “some of our ladies only joined us in June and are already some of our best players.”

Phil’s second, Scott, added, “we will never judge anyone who wants to come down and train with us; as long as you show some commitment, attend training, and enjoy what you are doing, you will always get time on the pitch and our support 100 percent of the time.”

Their Facebook says, ” Long Buckby AFC Ladies is a local ladies football team which was established at the start of the 2019/20 season. The team is open to ladies age 16 and over. We welcome any ability, with or without experience.”

Beth runs the social media side of the club and said, “we will always respond so don’t be afraid to message us, even if you don’t have any experience, as we are a very friendly and easy going bunch.” Beth goes on to say that she has made some of her best friends in the team after moving to the area and not knowing anybody.

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Scotty, Phil & Beth

Beth also told us (with some gentle prodding from Phil) about the social activities that has provided an added bonus to being part of a team that are also friends. But they hastened to add that they did not only comprise of drinking and pubs commonly associated with “some” football teams’ post-match celebrating or commiserating!

“But Seriously,” Phil continued, “more than anything, we would love for people to come to Long Buckby when the girls are playing and fill the stands, as they deserve a crowd cheering them on,” all three agreed.

So get down there on Sundays from 2pm, and give the team the support and encouragement they deserve!

The full interview is above, though there are some deleted extras that we will share with you if you give this story lots of likes and shares! (especially the story about how Beth helped the Peppermill with their recent toilet re-decorating…)

Contact LFL on 07738 848272 or

Their FB can be found here.

Many thanks to Phil, Scott and Beth for your time, DR are behind you all the way!

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