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Free Childrens Meals at Fishplus

Written by on January 26, 2021

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Free Childrens Meals at Fishplus

Rugby Fish and Chip Shop, Fishplus (on Bilton Road) is continuing to support the local community this week with two amazing initiatives.

The First is a ‘Pay-It-Back’ scheme where you can anonymously pay for someone else’s meal. A Postik note is then left for someone less fortunate to take and claim a meal.

The second scheme is for Free Children’s meals, for all children (see below for more information).

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder.

As of tomorrow Wednesday the 27th of January from 11.45 – 2pm we will be giving all children a FREE Small meal which includes a Small Chips with either Sausage, Battered Sausage or Fishcake and they can help themselves to a kids drink to go with it.

This is for ALL CHILDREN.Hope this helps some people ?❤️?#sharingiscaringPLEASE SHARE THE LOVE ?

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