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Fundraiser and Funday for Much Loved Daventry Father

Written by on September 5, 2019

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Fundraiser and Funday for Much Loved Daventry Father

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“On 19th May 2019 Shaun Taylor, aged just 26 years old, suddenly and sadly passed away at his home he shared with his wife Vickie and two boys Oscar aged 5 and Ethan aged 4. He died from a very rare heart condition that was undiagnosed.

Shaun was a fantastic guy who loved his life. He married Vickie in 2013 and they went on to have their two boys. He was a family man, always surrounded by his family and loved spending time with them all. Parents, siblings, nephews and nieces all included. He was a mechanic and absolutley loved his job, it was a passion. Shaun was a gentle giant (at 6ft 3!) He would do anything for anyone and never expect anything in return. He was kind, caring, considerate but above all an amazing Dad and husband. He lived to provide for his family, and he did it so well. His passing left a trail of devastation.

On the 15th September we are holding a Fun Day to raise money to have a bench put in place in memory of Shaun. Also we are rasing money for the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Service. We’ve chose this charity for 2 reasons. First being they attended Shaun the morning of his passing and did the best that they could to save his life. Secondly because knowing Shaun as well as we do, we know if he had to choose a charity it would always be this one.

I’ve set up this page so people can donate this way if they prefer or can’t make the event. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.”

For those who want to attend the fun day, please see here. For those wishing to donate, the fundraising page is here.

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