Garden Organic in Ryton encourages children to grow rainbows of flowers to support our key workers. - Rugby and Daventry Radio Station, Midlands UK            

Garden Organic in Ryton encourages children to grow rainbows of flowers to support our key workers.

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Garden Organic in Ryton encourages children to grow rainbows of flowers to support our key workers.

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Children love growing plants, love being in the garden but they’re often impatient, wanting to see instant results. National Children’s Gardening Week (May 23 to May 31) aims to capture children’s enthusiasm at a time when results are immediate. Ryton’s Garden Organic are encouraging children to combine Children’s Gardening Week with a show of support for the NHS, and key workers by growing a rainbow of flowers in their garden, on their balcony or windowsill.

If you are anything like me – whatever the exact opposite of “green fingers” is – then you are always mildly surprised when something grows in your garden. Quite frankly, if it doesn’t make a noise when it is hungry it doesn’t stand much of a chance with in this household. It is not a handicap I want to pass down to my children and I am inordinately proud of the 3 tomatoes our 2 year old battle weary tomato plant is currently producing for them.  National Children’s Gardening Week takes place annually in the ‘warm’ week at the end of May where children can plant all the popular plants with little fear of weather damage or the need for complicated protective growing. Hardy, easy to grow plants that help encourage children to take their horticultural skills further.

“Gardening and interacting with nature can create hours of fun for children and giving them a specific project to do is the spur they need to engage them. “What better project at the moment than one to support our NHS and Key Workers?”

Chris Collins, National Children’s Gardening Week ambassador and head of Organic Horticulture at Garden Organic

Learning about plants and how they grow feeds into many different parts of the national curriculum and parents can support this learning by providing children with some seeds and a trowel and letting them discover the wonders of growing. Children love nothing more than getting their hands in the soil and getting them dirty. Buy them some seeds, preferably organic and get them started.”

A spokeperson for Garden Organic

Here’s a quick colour guide to grow your perfect rainbow:

Red – Nasturtium. These are really simple to grow, and you can eat the flowers too.

Orange – English or Pot Marigold. This is a fantastic addition to any garden, the flowers attract a number of beneficial insects which will help control pests.

Yellow – Sunflower. Everyone loves the cheerful flower of a sunflower! Their bright yellow flowers attract butterflies and bees and you can see who in your household can grow the tallest one for a bit of competition!

Green – Herbs. Why not sow a row of herbs in the middle of your rainbow? They will provide a luscious strip of green that you can enjoy in the kitchen as well as the garden!Blue – Cornflower. These beautiful blue flowers attract hoverflies in the summer months and the seeds are loved by birds.

Purple – Aster. This perennial plant has star-like purple flowers which will be teeming with butterflies and hoverflies come the autumn months.

Pink – Cosmos. Cosmos come in a wide range of colours but the bright pink are especially stunning. The beautiful and delicate flowers will be alive with beneficial hoverflies, lacewings and parasitic wasps (which don’t sting!).

More information and activity sheets for parents or schools can be found at

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