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Good News 02/04/2020

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Good News 02/04/2020

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  1. Adopt a tree to help fight climate change and empower female farmers

A tree planting project gives people the opportunity to give a gift that will have a positive impact on the world. Treedom funds tree-planting projects in places where climate change is already making changes to ecosystems and their environment. People can adopt a tree, and the adoption fee helps pay farmers to grow, maintain and plant the tree. Most of them go to farms run by women, and around 50% are fruit trees, bringing fresh fruit to the communities too. Read more here:

  1. Aldi is donating 7,000 Easter Eggs to vulnerable families and children in Northants

Aldi stores in Northamptonshire are donating 7,000 Easter Eggs to children and families around the county. They will initially go to local charities and food banks, who will pass them on to those in need. Aldi currently donate surplus food to local charities, and the Easter Egg donations come in addition to this. You can read more about it here: 

  1. ‘Re-save the date’ wedding invitation competition 

With most weddings taking place between April and August, there are hundreds of couples who are sadly having to cancel their big day. This in itself is obviously not good news, but Instant Print is running a competition that will hopefully bring some relief to some of these couples. They are giving 100 couples the chance to reprint their invitations for free! The competition is open until 10/4/20, and you can enter yourself or nominate someone you know who would benefit from this. You can find out more here:

  1. Mum leaves free lunches for anyone who needs them

An anonymous Maryland mother has been leaving free packed lunches for families who may need them. The lunches appear on a table at 11am every day, and are free to anyone. One mother, who has been struggling to make ends meet, has thanked the mystery mother for making this time a little bit easier for her and her family. It is amazing how communities are helping each other out at the moment! Read more here: 

  1. Study suggests we can restore the oceans in one generation 

A study has set out the steps we need to follow and initiatives that need to be put in place that, if followed, could restore the Earth’s oceans by 2050. It highlights that the first 2 decades of this century have really been a turning point, and some species that were on the brink of extinction have bounced back. The study states that it would require substantial human effort to restore the oceans, but also says that it is not out of our reach. We need to tackle climate change and intervene at a large, global scale. Read about it here:

On this day in 1792…the US dollar was introduced. Today two thirds of global trade use the US dollar. 

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