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Good News 20/4/20

Written by on April 20, 2020

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Good News 20/4/20

Daventry Area Crime -

Monday 20th April 2020

Hey everyone, we hope you are all good and had a great weekend! Remember, if you have any good news that you want us to share, reply to this email and we will feature it – it can be personal or just something you have seen and think others should see. Also, remember to let us know what you have read, seen or done over the last few weeks that has made you feel positive. Anything goes! We want to share our favourites this week (we won’t share any personal information of course), and you can tell us your positives on this google form:
Joe Wicks raises over £90,000 for NHS It has been just 4 weeks since Joe Wicks took on the role of the nation’s PE teacher, but in that time his PE lessons have got Britain moving and raised over £90,000 for the NHS fund. From the start, Joe was adamant that all money made from the ads would go to the NHS charities fund, and that all those taking part in the workouts would be helping make that total grow. Today he has kicked off week 5, and we can expect to see that number continue to increase as people tune in for their daily workout.
Switzerland project world flags onto mountain in solidarity Light artist Gerry Hofstetter has been commissioned to illuminate Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain with different flags to show support and solidarity towards other countries. Every night for almost a month, the mountain has displayed the flag of a different country, and there have also been messages of hope shown too. You can see previous shows here, and you can also tune into the livestream from 21:30 – 00:00 (GMT+2) to see the shows live:
Police chase pig around neighbourhood for 45 minutes Police in Connecticut were called out to reports of a loose pig running around a neighbourhood. They spotted the animal as soon as they arrived, but were unable to catch it for 45 minutes. They eventually caught it, and its owners are being located. You can see the video here:
Toilet roll cake keeps Finnish baker in business Whilst the world panic-bought loo roll, one Finnish bakery decided to create a novelty cake to lighten the mood. The Helsinki bakery sold out of its initial batch within an hour, and soon became a hit on social media. They have decided to make it a permanent fixture, at least for now! The bakery has seen so much interest that they have had to hire two additional staff members. You can see the cakes and read more here:
White-tailed eagle spotted in English skies for the first time in 240 years 240 years after the last sighting, a white-tailed eagle has been spotted flying over the North York Moors. Several eaglets have spent their childhoods on the Isle of Wight, and have been set free into the wild as adults, with one making its way all the way to Yorkshire! Hopefully this is the first of many sightings of these majestic animals. You can read more here:
A little something extra… One of our readers, Jessie Mercer, sent us a poem over the weekend that she has written about the NHS. We loved it and wanted to share it with everyone, so here it is:
Thank you NHS. A poem about the NHS workers.
They are always there. They always do care. They go out of their way to help me and you. Thanking them is the least we can do. Let’s all fight to get them all PPE. Remember they can not stay safe at home like you and me. Let’s do what we can to help them win this fight. If we help them to help us we will be alright. Those who are gone will we never forget. How we help now we will never regret. Thank you NHS. Thank you for doing what you do best.
Jessie Mercer
Thanks for reading. Again, if you have any positive news stories you would like to share then get in touch. Equally, if you would like to unsubscribe then let us know.
Stay positive xxx

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