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Happy Easter

Written by on April 10, 2020

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Happy Easter

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Hello everyone we hope that you all are having a lovely Easter. What are your plans this Easter? Do you have any ideas you would like to share with others that they are able to do in this shutdown period? We would like you to write to us and send photos of your Easter fun times we enjoy seeing how you all are spending time in this shutdown period and how you have spent your Easter. I have been making TikTok videos lol its been very funny. I have been for walks yes I have behaved and only had one walk a day around the Country Park and I have even noticed that I have a lovely walk just behind my house lol. I have also learned how to walk to town instead of using my car and at 8.00pm on Thursday last week I went for my first run and on my dears I was amazed how many people were proud of me, they were all standing in their door ways clapping for me. Fireworks even went off ??So I have even started running. Now you tell us what you have been up to.

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