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Historic Clean Sweep for Daventry Taekwondo Students

Written by on November 27, 2019

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Historic Clean Sweep for Daventry Taekwondo Students

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Report by Mark Robson @ Daventry Tigers

The statisticians at the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain are checking, but it looks like martial artists from Daventry Tigers and Jackson White TKD made history at the weekend by becoming the first group to ever take a clean sweep of golds across all children’s divisions of a single event at the TAGB British Championships in Worcester on Sunday.  

There were lots of individual successes as well, but Daventry swept the board in the team patterns events, taking gold in every children’s division and two of the 4 adult divisions (the Clubs currently have no adult students in the other two divisions who compete!).  

Fantastic individual Golds came from Lauren Hughes and Selina Yildirim in the Red and Blue belt patterns events respectively (with over 60 girls in each division).

 For Lauren this was a particularly impressive victory, as in the recent BTC championships she failed to make it into the medals for the first time since starting to compete when she moved up into the red belt division a few months ago.  

It is a quantum leap in standard from Blue Belt to Red Belt, but Miss Hughes is a supreme competitor and she came to Worcester on Sunday gunning for a medal and swept aside the field in a stunning display of power and precision. 

 Demonstrating how rapidly she has risen through the belts, she is the current World Green Belt Patterns Champion, the current English Blue Belt Patterns Champion and the current Red Belt British Patterns Champion.  An impressive list to put on any resume!

Then it was team Golds in: the children’s Yellow belt division for Chloe Carpenter, Madison Bull and Emily Stelmach, which was another story in itself.  Yellow is the lowest belt division in taekwondo with relatively new students competing.  It spans 3 belt levels.

 Chloe Carpenter only qualified from white belt to the lowest of the 3 levels of yellow 2 weeks before the Championships.  Not only did she learn the relevant pattern to compete with in 2 weeks, she mastered it, winning Silver in the Individual event and then teamed up (on the day of the tournament!) with Madison and Emily, practised for a couple of hours out in the corridors of the Sports arena with them and returned to take Gold, much to the dismay and amazement of the recently crowned BTC Champions: Holly Howard, Mia Black and Madison Brand (also from Daventry) who had to settle for Silver.

Children’s Green/Blue division was another upset.  We were expecting to win this division with our very polished trio, “The Mini-Ninjas”, who have dominated all of the regional and national competitions at this level throughout the year.  Instead it was the newly formed Daventry team of Isabel McDowell, Harry McDowell and Isla Boddington who came away triumphant, forcing the established Daventry Team into silver and leaving the rest of the field to fight it out for Bronze!

The children’s Red Tag to Black Tag was a sweet victory for Lauren Hughes, Selina Yildirim and Emily Easom as they finally gained revenge against the Pontypool Ninjas – the only team to ever beat them in a competition.  Their one defeat came over 2 years ago in the English Championships when the 3 Daventry girls had just moved up into the Green/Blue belt division from the Yellow Belt division and the Pontypool team were all about to move up into the red belt division where they have dominated ever since.  This time, our girls joined the division just as the Welsh squad are preparing to move up to the Black Belt division.  

Selina is an excellent fighter and had asked Lauren and Emily, who are less confident sparrers to join her to fight in the Tag Team sparring event.  Together they battled through to the semi-finals only to meet a team of champion fighters who completely outclassed them.  Both Selina and Emily took heavy blows in quick succession, leaving Lauren to battle each of the other team in turn.  Bruised and battered, they had to walk off that square and on to the team patterns square to compete against the toughest competition they had ever faced.  This is one performance that I wish I had seen, as I saw the play-off between the two teams who were left tied in silver and they were both awesome!  Our girls must have been absolutely amazing to win that division.

The children’s Black Belt division is one that Daventry have never won before.  Another Welsh team, this time from Pontypridd have had a stranglehold on this division for around 3 years.  Daventry’s Mabelle Gwilliam and William O’Toole together with Banbury’s Grace Dedman have come close before, taking Silver a couple of times.  This time, in a thrilling competition they tied with the Welsh Team for Gold, forcing them in to a play-off and finally toppling them from the top spot.

Team Pattern Golds for the adults came in the Yellow belt division for Tania Boddington, Caroline McDowell and Kirsty Beeson, and in the Green/Blue division for Charlotte Easom, Gina Burgess and Jane Smith.

In an amazing debut patterns performance, Chloe Carpenter took Individual Silver in the huge girls’ Yellow belt patterns division and Emily Easom added a superb Individual Silver in the Blue belts.

There were individual sparring successes for Mia Black and Kelly Nicholls in their debut campaigns, and for both AlaraYildirim and Derin Yildirim, all winning individual Bronzetrophies for their respective divisions.

Team Pattern Silvers went to: The Mini-Ninjas – AlaraYildirim, Caiomhe Adams and Daniella Kaufman.  Also to: Mia Black, Maddie Brand, Holly Howard, Hannah Nash, Mike Easom and Kelly Nicholls.

Tag Team Sparring brought Silver for: Carl Airey, Andy Bull and Victor Jeffs.  Bronze medal winners: Isla Boddington, Isabel McDowell, Sara Jeffs, Lauren Hughes, Selina Yildirim, Emily Easom, Alara Yildirim, Caimhe Adams, Daniella Kaufman, Logan Boddington, Hannah Nash, Kelly Nicholls, Jack O’Toole and Nicole Archer.

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