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How Super Bowl betting went for sportsbooks in America

Written by on February 1, 2020

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How Super Bowl betting went for sportsbooks in America

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One of the worlds biggest sporting events took place on Sunday especially for America, as

around 112 million people sat down to view the annual Super Bowl event.

As with anything that has a slight competitive edge to it, you can be sure that the SuperBowl

attracted a large amount of business to bookmakers and their sportsbooks alike. Millions of

people tuned in to watch the Kansas City Cheifs take on the San Fransico 49ers betting on

anything they could from the opening toss to the winning team.

The end of the incredible finale saw the Kansas City Cheifs take all bragging rights, beating their

opponents 31-20 in a game that was predicted to be one of the most heavily bet on fixtures ever

to take place.

Reports of the millions of pounds that were wagered on the Super Bowl started arriving early on

the following Monday, with the state of Nevada expecting to take pole position in the most

amount of money wagered with it being the largest sports betting market in the country.

However, they have not yet released their figures due to technical problems with their licenses.

To give you an understanding of the scale of the number of bets placed in Nevada, last year

they took in $146 million worth of bets for the Superbowl, $12 million less than the previous


Citizens of New Jersey have only been allowed to gamble since 2018 when the U.S. Supreme

Court won the case to allow the betting of legal sports across various parts of the country.

Despite being new to the betting industry, the people of New Jersey racked up a whopping

$54.2 million in bets on the Super Bowl which surpassed last years figures of $34.8 million.

The regional president of Caesars Entertainment, Ron Baumann claims that its sportsbook at

Bally’s and Harrah’s was jammed leading up to the Super Bowl. Mr Baumann went onto say:

“We exceeded what we thought we would do by far, we sold out every seat we had, every inch

of seating.”

Tom Brady and New England Patriots found themselves failing to make the Super Bowl for the

first time in four years, and the people of Rhode Island clearly didn’t fancy backing the other

competitors with them only wagering just $5.5 million, $1 million less than the previous year.

Punters in New Hampshire have only been betting for a single month, with sports betting being

legalised on December 30th. However, they jumped at the chance during the first major sporting

event to take place this calendar year in the Super Bowl recording over $2.3 million worth of


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