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Human Traffic Tribute Show

Written by on May 10, 2020

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Human Traffic Tribute Show

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“The weekend has landed…” and “Nice one bruvah!” now belong in the modern lexicon of weekend and clubbing speech. The mantra to a million nights out; but now, during lockdown, our weekends have taken on a rather different shape.

The trouble with Human Traffic, is that it makes you want to go out. A few times I would have a weekend off, have a few beers with some mates, put on the movie, and by the time Moff, Koop, Jip and co have reached the Asylum club, we’ve suddenly had the urge to go out (out out).

So much for a “quiet night in” with a few tins.


Now that we can’t do that, the Attic on Saturday aims to bring the tunes to your home, in a two hour mix of the best music from the film’s thumping soundtrack, and a few tracks that maybe should have been from the golden era of the late 90s when dance music was blowing up all over the world and the sounds of house music and electronica were finding new levels and sounds with which to conquer the dance floors.

Featuring Fatboy Slim, Orbital, William Orbit, Carl Cox, Underworld and more, it’s not just house; as well as Public Enemy, the film’s iconic “got any jungle in guy?” record shop scene features a blistering jungle track from Aphrodite, and the Itchy Trigger Finger… well, if you know the film, you know the rest*, bring some “Harcore East Coast flavas” though probably after the watershed at 9pm!

(*Actually a rap collective known as “Grim”)

“You… You know what I mean? Yea? Cushty! I knew you wouldn’t let me down!”

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