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Illegal Lamb Butchery, Brinklow

Written by on April 1, 2020

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Illegal Lamb Butchery, Brinklow

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Another incident of Illegal Butchery has been reported, this time in a field off Lutterworth Road, Brinklow.

The incident is comes at the same time a similar incident was reported 4 miles up the road in Ansty and further to this incident in Ansty earlier in the year.

So today I received a text from our neighbour saying how lovely it was to see the lambs out in the field.

I couldn’t reply to them as I was up at our Station field on the Lutterworth Rd. Which backs onto the canal at Smeaton lane .

I was there with the police and the remains of a butchered lamb and the head of another one.

The butchery was professional and the just took the usable carcass and left the rest very near to the footpath gate that comes out onto Smeaton lane.

So yes we are also victims to this illegal and barbaric trade.

Please if you see anything suspicious around livestock in the area ring Rugby Police on 01788 541111 and ask for the rural watch team.

The worst thing is one of the lambs we knew as he was an adopted lamb onto a ewe and he only went out into the big wide world a couple of days ago. The other lamb was just a couple of weeks old.

In a world that’s in crisis these people still feel it’s their right to commit crimes whether it’s a fellow human or an animal.

Please be vigilant!

Kim Orfeur

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