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Illegal Lamb Slaughter, Kelmarsh

Written by on July 13, 2019

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- Daventry Area Crime -
Illegal Lamb Slaughter, Kelmarsh

Daventry Area Crime -

The district has awoken to the news of another incident regarding the theft and illegal slaughter of lambs.

In this case 15 lambs and 1 ewe were slaughtered in a field in Kelmarsh after the criminals managed to round up the flock of 120.

Once captured, the lambs were slaughtered, hung and butchered before the thieves made off with the meat leaving only the fleece and entrails of the animals.

Farmer Erica Hankins commenter ‘It makes me sick to share on Facebook that in the night (Friday night) in our field just outside Kelmarsh along the Harrington Road we had at least 15 lambs including 1 ewe butchered. After all our hard work for this to happen and meet such a gruesome sight this morning. We are all very upset and feel absolutely devastated. These people are professionals to get a lot of 120 sheep into our pens up a steep hill and then to sort them in the pens. They were then dragged over to a tree to hang and skin them.
Something needs to be done to stop these sick people!’

This incident comes amid a recent spike in this type of crime and Northamptonshire Police have increased their rural patrols to aid to combat and deter these criminals.

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