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Illegal Sheep Butchery, Ansty

Written by on March 26, 2020

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Illegal Sheep Butchery, Ansty

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Amongst the stress and anxiety surrounding the Corvid 19 pandemic, one Warwickshire Farmer has had to contend with the additional trauma of losing two sheep to illegal sheep butchers.

The gruesome discovery was made by Farmer Alistair Reid early on Friday morning in Coombe Fields near to the Rolls Royce Factory at Ansty.

Speaking exclusively to Rugby Radio, Mr Reid said;

Two sheep [were] slaughtered within a hundred yards of my aunties house both had their throats cut and ears cut off with the data tag on then they were dragged a considerable distance about 400 m through a hedge in to a van or car, these sheep had only just given birth two weeks before so leaving Four lambs to now hand feed.

This happened a lot last year and has now started again and with food at a premium price because of corona virus and people losing their jobs, this will become more of a problem, we as farmers are seeing a supply problem with all food products and I’m afraid to say it won’t get better for a few months so bad times ahead

Alistair Reid, Farmer.

This latest incident comes at a time were food prices and availability are of particular concern to the nation.

Mr Reid suggests that he is worried that there will be another spike in illegal sheep butchery similar to those last year that were thwarted by Operation Hillman (Warwickshire Police) and Operation Stock (Northamptonshire Police).

May be more tomorrow , this may become the norm with all the chaos in the supermarkets at the moment sad state of affairs indeed

Alistair Read, Farmer

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