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Large Queues Reported at Town Food Stores

Written by on March 15, 2020

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Large Queues Reported at Town Food Stores

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interview with Tescos Duty Manager, Jamie
Angie Interviews a B&M Customer
Angie Interviews B&M Manager


We have received many reports this morning about unusually large queues outside the towns food stores.

This may be a direct reaction to the announcement by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock where he stated’

Every Briton over the age of 70 will be told within the coming weeks to stay at home for an extended period to shield them from coronavirus

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary

The statement comes as the government prepares for containment stage of their response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that is currently affecting the UK and many other countries throughout the world.

Daventry District Residents and the nation at large are encouraged to remain calm, sensible and to follow the guidance that has been offered by officials.

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BBC Interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock;

He told the BBC the advice will not come into force just yet but when it does it will last “a very long time”.

The government has faced pressure to do more to tackle the epidemic after the UK death toll rose to 21 on Saturday.

All deaths so far have been of people over 60 or with underlying conditions.

Over-70s – and younger people with certain health conditions – will need to remain at home and have groceries and vital medication delivered, the health secretary said.

Mr Hancock said people without symptoms would be able to visit older relatives and friends as long as they stayed two metres – or six feet – apart from them.

He said car manufacturers, weapon makers and army suppliers would be asked to change their production lines to make ventilators for use in hospitals treating coronavirus – which can cause severe breathing problems.

The health service is to stop non-urgent surgery and implement a huge training programme to retrain medics from other specialisms to treat those who become seriously ill with the Covid-19 disease.

“We will stop at nothing to fight this virus and I think people have got the impression otherwise,” Mr Hancock said.

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