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Local Radio Culls – Capital, Heart and Smooth Affected

Written by on February 26, 2019

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Local Radio Culls – Capital, Heart and Smooth Affected

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When we heard the news this morning that a general meeting had been called with all staff to attend, we summised that this could only be for one reason, a change in direction for the group. And we were right.

Global (the company behind many household radio names such as Capital, Heart and Smooth) has decided to cull the majority of its local radio offer in favour nationwide shows.

Global say they will be creating the three largest commercial radio breakfast shows in the UK, with 4.8m, 3.7m and 2.7 million listeners respectively each week.

This reduction in local services has placed a further 100 jobs at risk and comes at a time where commercial DAB and FM stations have already reduced in number since the recession.

The Changes that have been announced are as follows;

  • Capital London’s breakfast show will replace 14 breakfast programmes on the Capital network in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Capital will have nine drivetime shows (including London, Liverpool, North East and Yorkshire) instead of the current 14
  • Heart will have a single breakfast show across England, Scotland and Wales instead of the current line-up of 22 breakfast shows
  • Heart will carry 10 drivetime shows instead of the current 23 separate drivetime shows
  • Smooth will create a new national breakfast show replacing breakfast programmes in East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, Lake District, North East, Scotland and Wales
  • Smooth’s drivetime programmes will be reduced to seven.

According to the Global Statement local news and travel information “will continue to air on a local licence level as per legislation requirements” adding “news teams would see refreshed structures” along with engineering and marketing.

Radio Today suggests that as many as 95 Local Radio Presenters will possibly lose there jobs as a consequence of the changes.

Some in the Industry suggested that Bauer Media, the company being brands such as Kiss, Absoloute and Magic will re-structure in a similar fashion leading to more job loses and loss of local radio offerings.

Global has had a number of format changes approved by Broadcasting Regulator OfCom. Learn More With Globals founder, Ashley Tabor telling staff today that this in turn “would mean change” adding “the ability to lead the commercial radio sector’s next huge step, and to properly compete with BBC Radio 1 and 2 at breakfast time” was “a huge opportunity”.

Author’s Opinion

(This is the view of the author and not necessarily that of the Station):

It’s not enjoyable to hear the news of any job losses or the further demise of a medium that I love. I grew up in the era of Northants 96.6 and 105.4 Leicester Sound and loved the local, commercial stations for everything that they were. Hence my drive to bring a community radio station to the Daventry District. (#bringinglocalback)

I for one think that further ‘Nationalisation’ of Radio Offerings may be a sound choice financially but ethically, morally and in respect of the listenership I think it is a terrible idea!

That said, this news further convinces me that there is no better time to be a small community radio station!!!

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