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Daventry’s Got (Lockdown) Talent

Written by on April 19, 2020

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Daventry’s Got (Lockdown) Talent

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You may or may not know that we were in the process of starting a Daventry’s Got Talent contest that would have seen Daventry’s brightest and most brilliant through several rounds ending ultimately with an incredible finale later in the year. We already had lots of interest before we’d even properly announced it!

And then we all know what happened…

In these testing times, we turn to many different things to occupy and entertain ourselves; hobbies, practicing instruments, picking up new languages, working on those calfs, or finally finishing that 500,000 piece jigsaw puzzle you’ve had stowed under the sofa since Christmas.

Sometimes, our little passtimes and methods of staving off cabin fever lead us to learn incredible new skills; to unlock previously unknown abilities and to discover amazing proficiencies and natural talents that we never knew we had!

We also sometimes learn that we can play the harmonica through our nose or make milk come out of our ears.

Here is your chance to boast and show off these new found wonders that you have discovered in yourself whilst locked down, and share them with Daventry!

We want you to send us a short video (including Tik Tok) of your talent (nothing rude or dangerous and please stay at home!) and we will run a little competition online for fun, though perhaps we could host a final or an “all stars” show later in the year for when we beat this thing.

Mark your entries for Amanda if using messenger or email them to amanda@daventry.radio

At the very least, get a warm fuzzy feeling that you have given someone a laugh, the “tingles”, a lift, or the creeps! It all helps.

Stay safe, stay home.

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