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Man Heroically Saves Young Girl at Foxton Locks

Written by on February 26, 2019

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Man Heroically Saves Young Girl at Foxton Locks

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By Harriet Best | News Reporter

Ben Yates and his family were taking in the lovely weather on a gentle stroll at Foxton Locks when all of a sudden he heard what he described as a “piercing scream” from a neighbouring lock. Ben said, “it was a sound that I’d never heard before and we quickly realised something was very wrong.”

Ben and his wife, with children in tow, raced down to the next lock and to their shock saw a 5-year-old girl in the water around 12ft below, treading water to stay afloat.

“She was fighting with everything she had to keep her head above water level but I could see that we only had seconds to help before she got too tired.”

Yates’ instinct took over and he heroically put others before himself and jumped into the water from the lock edge to try and save the little girl. “I’m not a strong swimmer at all and my worst nightmare is having to rescue my own boys from deep water, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch her drown.”

Having spent the last few months practising his swimming, Ben says that this, the help of Foxton Locks volunteers throwing him a line, combined with the young girl’s swimming lessons, ensured that both of them got out of the water safely with only a small trip to A&E to get a once over and cure a nasty cough. 

Ben continues, “despite the cold and shock, she was okay and so was I. A hot cup of tea from Bridge 61 pub and loads of towels helped us to warm up. “I’m not trying to put myself forward as a hero, the undoubted hero of the day was the little girl who showed unbelievable bravery and strength to survive the fall and tread water for so long whilst I swam over to her. Without swimming lessons, the outcome would have been unthinkable on Saturday. Treading water for those few seconds saved her life.”

Ben, being a successful personal trainer, shared this post to Facebook and with it receiving 6.9K shares in less than 24 hours, we have no doubt that his message on the importance of children learning how to swim from a young age has hit home with masses of people and can go on to save many more lives. 

If you’re interested in children’s swimming lessons you can visit Daventry’s Everyone Active Leisure Centre or go online to for more information or call 0132 787 114.

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