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    My real name is Ian Gow, a name I’ve never been keen on. So, like many great celebrities, I just lazily used my First and Middle name. Well, it was that or Ozzy Lee Roth von Kilminster. I should have chosen that one, shouldn’t I?


    Host and producer of the Metalmouth Radio Show, I’ve presented the show for a little over a year in one form of another. This is a part-time role, although I now dedicate more of my time than to my actual job, which is the lesser-rock and roll task as Data Analyst at Cheltenham College.


    I love all metal genres – from Gothic to Thrash and from New Wave to Industrial and everything in that non-alphabetical order in between. My main driver is discovering new and up-and-coming artists and playing the ones I love on the show. There is so much incredible new metal music out there. It helps that a lot of bands submit their music for the show.


    If I’ve not got my headphones on (to protect the ears and sanity of my ever-suffering wife) then I’m sleeping. And even then, there’s a crossover.


    I’m currently working on a Charity Compilation CD idea and have also started plans to hold a small Metal Music Festival in the Summer of 2021, with 6 new bands already agreeing to play.


    Simply put, I love music. I love metal, and I love spending all my time on creating the best show possible every week.

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