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    Article Published on Sunday April 26, 2020 1:42 PM by

    Travel writer and copywriter


    So what can I tell you about myself?

    Well, born and bred in Rugby, I am a freelance travel writer, editor and business copywriter in the travel and tourism, sport and leisure industries.

    You could say that a flair for writing has been part of my fabric from an early age.  My primary school teacher telling my parents of wonderful stories I had crafted of them was probably the start of things to come. I was 6.

    Since then any chance to put pen to paper (or digits to keyboard) has never been far away.

    So it may seem strange that rather than pursue a career in journalism or media, I opted to leave school at the earliest opportunity and join one of the major high street banks.  It seemed a good idea at the time, but it wasn’t for me. However it paved (and paid) the way to what I really wanted to do – travel, explore and write.

    I travelled extensively (twice) and then lived on the other side of the world (all in my 20s) which really defined what I do now. Working alongside the press relations department at Sydney Airport was particularly eye-opening.  That was until the call of home and local family roots brought things back full circle, to eventually settle down with wife Di before Jake and ./Abi came along.

    Today I still love to get and about and explore new places and re-visit old ones. After all, there is always something new to see, so much to explore out there that we often take for granted, more often than not right in front of us; on our own doorstep so to speak. That’s one thing the beauty of travel has taught me.

    Despite my footballing days being just about done(except for some occasional 5-a-side), I am still a keen cricketer with a local village club and was a junior cricket coach and manager for 18 years. Jake is now taking on those mantles. Abi also plays too.

    Those who know me will tell you I am a ‘keen’ follower of Nottingham Forest FC, however not many will know I also keep an eye out for Berwick Rangers and Portsmouth too(for reasons that may become apparent over time), and Nottinghamshire CCC. In fact, there’s not many sports I don’t tend to follow. Anyone out there also into Aussie Rules?

    So what will you find from me here? A range of features on places to visit with some quirky tales along the way no doubt, a look at some of our local and regional history you may not necessarily know about, a bit of sports news and a few other bits along the way which I hope you will find of interest.

    And my music tastes? It’s safe to say they are somewhat varied as my numerous playlists will demonstrate. But I’ll leave that for another time.

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