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    Article Published on Thursday May 21, 2020 10:59 AM by

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    Steve Cooper was a valued member of our team through to 3rd April 2021.

    I have been using the name Steve Cooper for a few years now even though my real name is Stephen Jones. It goes back quite a time to when there were two Steve Jones’s in one place, so I changed my surname to my mother’s maiden name to avoid confusion – and it stuck!

    I am a recently retired hotelier, having spent most of my working life in the leisure industry, and have been a DJ for getting on for 50 years! And still do the occasional mobile disco. My first purchase of a single record was a Cliff Richard single in 1958 when I was just 7 years old. I used all of my pocket money which was 1 Shilling and 9 pence (about 9P in today’s money ) for my introduction into music. Despite this dodgy start, my love of music has been a great influence all my life.

    I spent 4 years as a presenter at Rugby Hospital Radio, doing a 60s and 70s show on Wednesdays, and Requests on Fridays and specials at weekends, including being part of a 48 hour live marathon playing all of the number ones of the 60s and 70s.

    More recently, I have been compiling and presenting Music and General Knowledge quizzes in the Rugby and Coventry area, and during the lockdown, have introduced online quizzes, which have been a great success.

    I now feel I would like to return to Radio broadcasting, to fuel my passion for music new and old, but especially my first love (60s and 70s) hopefully building on the great work already done on Rugby and Daventry Radio.

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