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Mental Health Mates Daventry Success

Written by on March 3, 2019

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Mental Health Mates Daventry Success

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By Harriet Best | News Reporter

As some of you will know, I have been busy organising and leading a local mental health walk in Daventry with the aim to get more people in the local community a little bit more active in an inclusive environment whilst slowly breaking down the stigma of what is modern-day mental health. 

With it being the first walk and the weather not being amazing, I wasn’t expecting much of a turnout however the walk exceeded my expectations and I met a new group of really interesting people who shared with me their stories from over the years and their opinions on anything from Borris Jhonson to what they watched on TV last night. 

Preparing for this walk has been a very anxiety-inducing experience that took a lot of hard work and organising. I’ve had meetings with Northamptonshire Sport Employees, been aired on BBC Radio Northampton and will have ITV at the next walk conducting interviews for ITV East Anglia News. I’m very grateful for the opportunities however I can’t say it hasn’t been stressful and rather scary at times. But I can safely say that when I got chatting the few people that showed up, it was all completely worth it.

I’m planning to hold a walk in Daventry on the first Sunday of each month and hopefully as the weather increases, so will the numbers. Walking today turned my mood from feeling quite low and anxious to being absolutely heart-warmed and euphoric. It’s amazing how lending a kind, listening ear can transform your day in more ways than one. 

If you’d like to come to the next walk, it will be held on the 7th of April, meeting at Daventry Country Park Cafe for a cup of tea beforehand and then a slow walk around the reservoir. Everyone is welcome, all ages and animals. Because everyone deserves to find their we. 

Any Questions feel free to email me: or message me on facebook: Harriet Best. 

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