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MPs calling for ban on Gambling adverts

Written by on March 4, 2020

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MPs calling for ban on Gambling adverts

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At this current point in time, you can find various movements and projects being put in place to crack down on the availability and accessibility of gambling products. One of the latest movements being pushed by MP’s is to ban TV gambling adverts altogether.

It is no secret that gambling is an ever-growing activity and the problems that come with it are endless, especially for those who are considered vulnerable. Bookmakers have voluntarily agreed not to include gambling adverts during live sporting events and before 9pm, however, this is has been considered not ‘enough’ by MP’s.

MP for Hemel Hempstead, Mr Penning said: “These adverts are part of a serious problem.” Various MP’s believe that the ever-growing gambling problem will only stop when gambling adverts are removed entirely from the television and are heavily reduced from the internet – where they can be found in huge quantities.

This project is currently being led by the ex-Conservative minister Mike Penning but is being fully backed by MPs from all other parties, in an attempt to urge the Government to act quickly. The movement is currently backed by the Conservatives, Welsh and Scots nationalist and the Labour party are expected to join the movement very soon. This movement comes with a certain amount of urgency for a number of reasons including the shocking figure of around 430,000 adults that potentially have a gambling addiction in the United Kingdom.

Recent figures show that the majority of gambling adverts appear online and are continuing to multiply with each passing year. Over the last five years, betting firms have reportedly spent 56% more on gambling adverts, which has led to an estimated total spend of £747 million while £234 million is spent on TV.

Punters that place their bets online have recorded four times more wagers than that of those considered TV Punters. This gambling problem is being noticed by a wider audience than just the country’s MP’s with ex- footballers also joining the movement in the attempt to remove gambling from their beloved sport. Ex-England and Arsenal defender Tony Adams has urged football to remove their links with gambling firms like Bet365. always ensure safe responsible offers to make it fun and safe.

mps calling for ban on gambling adverts Daventry Radio Photo Ref dedd db e fcba
mps calling for ban on gambling adverts Daventry Radio Photo Ref dedd db e fcba

mps calling for ban on gambling adverts Daventry Radio Photo Ref dedd db e fcba
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