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Nearly Skulls

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Nearly Skulls

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Meet Nearly Skulls – a rock band who believe in real music, physical media but are less committed to standard human existence. Ferociously protective of their true identities, the trio have elected to only manifest themselves as skulls, leading to huge speculation as to who the mystery three are. Announcing their arrival with American Rules, the band have a stunning ability to conjure up dazzling melodies. 
These are the facts as we know them: based in Manchester, Nearly Skulls comprise Andy (guitars/bass); Paul (vocals; guitar) and Dean (drums)…though they are at pains to point out that these may not be their real names. They reveal a previously successful US tour in a former incarnation…not that this narrows things down much. Their bony visages do however, let the music do the talking. The Who-esque choruses; U2 dynamics and casual nods to genres as seemingly disparate as prog, glam and metal show a deep knowledge of music as well as a real mastery of their instruments, with the stunning visuals of previous track Dots’ video,  demonstrating that this most mesmerising of bands can add more than a little flesh to the bones of their music, if not their faces.

Masked Supergroup? Twisted teenagers? Dangerous pensioners? Nearly Skulls might remain anonymous for now but their debut track, Dots, is the indie rock launchpad which promises a summer of hits…no bones about it.

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