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New Council Leader Gives First Interview To Daventry Radio

Written by on October 15, 2019

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New Council Leader Gives First Interview To Daventry Radio

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Daventry Council’s Conservative Party announced its new council leadership this week after Councillors Chris Millar and Liz Griffin decided to step down and allow a new leadership team to get ready for election to the new unitary council representing DDC.

On November 1st Councillor Richard Auger will become the new Leader of Daventry District Council and Councillor Adam Brown will become the new Deputy Leader.

Councillor Auger has a long record of public service which began as a police officer with Thames Valley Police before he moved to Northamptonshire in 2014. He was elected as a Welford councillor in 2015 and shortly after was elected as a county councillor for the Daventry West Division where he continues to serve.

Councillor Brown has represented Weedon Ward since May 2016 and has served as Chairman of the Scrutiny and Improvement Committee. He also represents Bugbrooke Division on the County Council.

In his first interview since the announcement was made, Cllr Auger spoke exclusively to Daventry Radio about his new role. He said, “I am very excited and energised about my recent appointment as Leader of Daventry District Council effective from the 1st November 2019.

May I first pay tribute for the outstanding leadership of both Cllr Chris Millar (Leader) and Cllr Liz Griffin (Deputy Leader) over so many years. Their sacrifice to public service has not gone unnoticed by the residents of the District.

I am also excited about the appointment of my new Deputy Leader, Cllr Adam Brown. He will be a vital and influential part of the leadership of the Council going forward.

I am conscious that I am not Leader until the 1st November 2019, but I do want the 82,000 residents of the District to know that when I take office I will be focusing on the delivery of the vital public services we all need to maintain a quality of life within our communities. We want to do the ‘day job’ well … first and foremost.

We also have exciting developments in progress, the £12.3million four screen cinema complex in Daventry opening in spring 2021 and the new £1.5million premises for the physical and mental rehabilitation charity, Reach for Health.

The move to two Unitary Councils in 2021 requires a strong voice for the Daventry District to influence and negotiate the transition process and ensure the interests of our residents are not forgotten in the new larger authority … I will be that voice and do my best for the District.

Finally, we all live in a beautiful, rural and mostly peaceful part of the Country. We are, geographically, at the heart of England. I hope we can all play our part in keeping our communities safe, clean and free from unnecessary developments. I promise you I will personally do my bit, and my best, to achieve this.”

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