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Starting tomorrow we will be adding a new feature to our support for local artists. Afternoon Delight will have a run down of our local chart – sample some of the tracks in our Top 10 and have a chat with one of the artists.

If you are a local musician this is a great opportunity for you to raise your visibility, grow your audience and get some valuable airtime for your new release.

What you will need to have:

1. A recently released (or pre-release) track that is available on streaming platforms and/or download sites – these can include Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Amazon
2. A Facebook Artist page where you engage with your fans
3. A Soundcloud account with your track uploaded and available for public listening.
4. A short biog of who you are, story so far (please keep this to highlights) and something about the track you are submitting. Don’t forget to tell us the release date.
5. An mp3 of the track.

Pop them all in an email and send to
(Please include all of the above. If you haven’t quite sorted all 5 elements just yet – no worries – just hold onto your email for a day or so until you have a complete package.)

Each week we will ‘refresh’ the local chart with at least one new entry. We are especially interested in tracks that have not yet been released but are on pre-order/pre-save and still within their pre-release promotion phase. These will get priority for obvious reasons.


Have a look at our current chart – click ‘Home’ on our navigation bar and scroll down. You can also vote for any of the current artists in the chart – but please have a listen to the track before casting your judgement. Remember – these songs are the outcome of often months and years of hard work and time and money invested. Please pay due respect to ALL artists. If we detect the down voting of other artists in order to promote your friend’s track we will introduce measures to create parity.

Over the coming weeks you will begin to see more new features on our output to encourage more people to listen to local artists and provide new artists with additional support.
We are a community – let’s work together and help ALL our upcoming artists.

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