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New Music, Ten Red Dogs

Written by on May 24, 2020

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- Announcements -
New Music, Ten Red Dogs

Announcements -

Young Local Artist Grayson Hobday returns after his solo debut last year, this time with his band Ten Red Dogs.

This metal-inspired instrumental track was arranged in such a manner as to allow each member of the band an opportunity a solo.

Grayson managed to get his band to record together during isolation and their first single is due out on June 4th. It’s called Lockdown.

Lockdown was actually Grayson’s homework to come up with a song using some weird sort of song making website that was just, well, weird. 

So after fighting with that for a couple of hours he did it his way, called up the band, worked together online and strung together a song called Lockdown. 

It’s a metal instrumental that each member of the band has a showoff solo. 

The band consists of Grayson on Bass & Vocals, Kes on Rhythm Guitar, Jude on Drums & Frankie on Lead Guitar. They’re all from Daventry and formed whilst at the Parker last year.

It’s going out on all major digital outlets within the next few weeks, one by one.
We’re not having a release party so keep your eyes peeled – well it wouldn’t be Lockdown if we had a party now would it!?
So for a bit of fun, turn it up loud when the bass solo comes in, then you can party with the whole neighbourhood and still keep your social distance!

releases June 4, 2020
Guitars : Frankie & Kes
Bass : Grayson
Drums : Jude

This is our first track made whilst in Lockdown – hence the title.

It’s not about Lockdown – it is Lockdown, so we just collaborated online and this is what lockdown was for us.

It came about initially as part of our music homework, yes homework, for school, because we’re all still at school!

Hope ya likes it!

Grayson Hobday / Ten Red Dogs

Being a New Entry, Ten Red Dogs joins the Local Artist Chart in tenth place. Why not head over to the Local Artist Chart and show your support by placing your vote!

Advance release available immediately at

release page at

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