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Northamptonshire Special Constabulary Ranked The Best In The UK

Written by on July 25, 2019

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Northamptonshire Special Constabulary Ranked The Best In The UK

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Northamptonshire Police always knew it had the best Special Constabulary in the UK and now it’s official.

Dr Iain Britton from the University of Northampton, carried out extensive research to evaluate the invaluable contributions Special Constables make to the 43 police forces across the UK.

According to his findings, the Force’s army of volunteers came out on top when it comes to engagement and ranked second for how well the Specials service local communities across the county.

When it comes to equality comparisons, the number of officers from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities is competitively placed, with Northamptonshire Special Constabulary ranked among the top third forces nationally.

The findings of Dr Britton’s research were revealed at this year’s Institute of Public Safety and Justice’s National Citizens in Policing Conference held at Manchester’s etc.venues on Tuesday, July 9.

Representing the Force at the event were Specials and Volunteers Sergeant Sue Torrance and Specials Integration and Development Officer, PC Martin Thorogood – who oversee the county’s Special Constabulary.

PS Torrance, who was delighted with the findings, said: “It was an immensely proud moment for us, and indeed the whole Specials & Volunteers team, to achieve national recognition and confirmation we are moving in the right direction.

“Credit and sincere thanks are due to our entire Special Constabulary, from every Special Constable right through to Chief Officer Mike Maywood, who have made this possible. Their heartfelt dedication and commitment to support front line policing is beyond reproach.

“They have demonstrated endurance and resilience through the trials of the past and are a fundamental part of the exciting, yet challenging, demands of the future.

“It’s our passion, focus and structure that being part of something so valued and worthwhile makes us the envy of our larger counterparts. Equally, appreciation is due to the many internal departments who have and continue to support us on our journey.”

In the first six months of this year, the 232 volunteers who make up our Special Constabulary have given up an amazing 44,675 hours of their own time, helping the Force to police the county.

A snap shot of their contribution includes: effecting 336 arrests, recording 673 crimes, executing 62 warrants, carrying out 77 stop searches, issuing 463 traffic offence reports and seizing 373 vehicles.

If you think you have got what it takes to become a Special Constable or would like more information about a career with the Force, visit our recruitment page at

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