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Muddibrooke – Straight Jacket

Muddibrooke May 1, 2021

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Muddibrooke – Straight Jacket

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Muddibrooke are a new Alt-Rock/Grunge trio based in Derby, UK that formed in January 2020.

Brooke // Guitar and lead vocals
Anna Melidone // Bass and vocals
Mary Prince // Drums

Brooke, Anna, and Mary are all in their 20s; and even though they haven’t been playing long as ‘MuddiBrooke’, collectively they have 30 years of experience of playing live in front of many large audiences and supported bands such as The Beautiful South, Scouting For Girls, Dr and The Medics and more.

Since getting together in January 2020, they have released two singles, which have already achieved airplay on Kerrang! Radio made ‘Track of The Week’ on? BBC Introducing and even made it into the Top 10 of the Greek Rock Charts for four continuous weeks – as well as many other radio stations around the world such as Canada, United States, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and many more.

Looking to the future, MuddiBrooke plan to release their debut EP, ‘LUNACY’, in Summer 2021 and are currently building a UK Tour and Holland/Germany Tour.

Behind the lyrics of ‘Straight Jacket’

Brooke: “Straight Jacket came from the fact that, like a lot of people, us three all suffer from anxiety. For me, the effects from it can be so strong that it can cause me to have ‘derealisation’ or ‘depersonalisation’; this is a certain form of panic attack when it feels as though reality is slipping away and nothing is real. It can be very disorientating. I wanted to capture this feeling within a track, and so Straight Jacket was created. 

You’d think our anxieties would affect our performance on stage, but it often has the opposite effect where we all feel completely comfortable and ‘at home’.”

‘Straight Jacket’ is one of the five new tracks that will be featured on MuddiBrooke’s Debut EP, ‘LUNACY’ – Out August 2021.


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